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Our Rules


Signup Bonuses

  • All new users receive a welcome bonus. The exact number of clicks/views/credits or other benefits rewarded on signup are displayed in your account after registration.
  • You receive 5% of any payments sent by the users you refer. Statistics and balance is always visible within the interface after you login.
  • Any signup bonus will be given only after the registered user starts to have activity. There is a maximum bonus cap you can gain for refering new users. If you intend to refer a large amount of new members please contact us first for a custom deal.

What sites can join

  • Only MMO Games sites are allowed to participate in the exchange. This includes actual game site, voting pages for the players, game toplists.
  • We rezerve the right to exclude or reject any website that we consider unfit. This is to ensure maximum quality for our members.
  • Banners can be shown only on the approved urls. You need to submit the urls/domains to us via the online interface to start counting your views and clicks.

Cheating and account bans

  • You are not allowed to try to cheat the system in any way. It is considered cheating any attempt or method used that will give you views or clicks from other sources than your actual players.
  • we reserve the right to remove or reject any ad that we consider its not suitable to our target audience. Exemples include porn, gambling, hosting services, cosmetics, etc. Advertisers are allowed only for MMO Games related services and products.
  • If you break the rules and your account gets locked, we will not refund any spend credits. Current unspent balance will however be refunded in 30 days.



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